Codependency Starts in Families and in Our Childhood

“When your true self gets buried under years of hurtful emotions – often the result of growing up in a dysfunctional family – the result is codependency. It is characterized by feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, insecurity and the desire to fulfill everyone’s needs but your own.

More often than not, codependency occurs in adulthood as a result of a traumatic experience as a child. This may include having neglectful parents, alcoholic or drug addicted parents, or suffering from emotional or physical abuse. Parents of codependents may have other addictions, such as gambling, or they may have been afflicted with an illness for much of the child’s life. As a child, codependents may have needed to look after their siblings or their parents who were suffering from an addiction, and this role of caregiver transfers on to their adult life.” Kiri Rowan

How We’re Molded by Our Dysfunctional Families

Toxic Sibling Dynamics in Narcissistic Families

Addiction and Your Family–Your Pain is My Pain

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